Expedia Flip Flop Report 2012 Views on the Beach

From the States to Singapore, the world loves going to the beach.

But, why? Is it the sun? The sand? The tropical drinks with the adorable umbrellas? We asked over 8,000 people around the globe why they love—and what they love to do—at the beach. Their answers may surprise you.

Will beaches be more popular this year?

More than one-half (52%) of respondents plan to vacation at a beach in the next 12 months, an increase from 45% in 2011. And if you are one of the many planning a trip to a beach this year, don’t worry—there’s plenty of sand to go around.

This year


plan to vacation at the beach

2012 popularity

Last Year


plan to vacation at the beach

2011 popularity

Who loves the beach the most?

When the beach calls, which countries answer first? Compare the ranking of countries that would prefer the beach to any other type of vacation. And then see who would spend the greater portion of their vacation days at the beach.

  • Germany 49%
  • Mexico 48%
  • Argentina 47%
World Flags

Ready. Set. Relax.

There’s more to the beach than sunbathing, but you wouldn’t know it from this year’s survey. The top worldwide results indicate that the favorite beach sand activity is…inactivity. From relaxing to soaking up the rays, beachgoers prefer kicking back to kicking into high gear.

Come on in, the water’s fine.

From surfing to swimming, the world loves playing in the water. But not all countries are willing to brave the water—some countries are more concerned about shark incidents than others.

What makes a beach vacation great?

Ask 10 people what makes up the perfect beach vacation and you’ll get 10 different answers. (We know, because we did, and then some.) But chances are good price and beach quality will come up often as the two key factors in planning the ultimate beach vacation.